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Do You Need a Website?

The question is simple, and legitimate in the age of Facebook: why do you even need a website? If a company has a Twitter account and five-thousand followers of Facebook, is there even a point to having a website? And what about all that money you will spend?

First the obvious; people go to Facebook to catch up with friends, not to be sold to. They want to read cute dog memes and watch funny cat videos. They are not there to see an ad for your business.

Second; you have little control over your Facebook page. If fact, it’s not your page at all: it’s blue & white because thats Facebook’s colors, not yours. You want a directions page with a big map? Maybe… Want a store? Want control?

Third; people expect to be sold on a website. They know you will ask for the order and thats OK there but not on your Facebook page. Facebook is at the top of the Sales Funnel (lecture 4.1) and the website is much further down. The visitor has different expectations.

Cost vs Benefit Graphic

A final thought: what are you going to do if you need to reach out to tourists but your Facebook page doesn’t rank? Now, if your website doesn’t rank, you have a great number of options (all of Section 3) and you can work the issue until you are satisfied. If your Facebook page doesn’t rank, well, you can buy some backlinks and play with the text but that’s more or less it. It’s not your page and you will not be changing the PHP/HTML code.

Top Level Domain Graphic

So, we are interested in Spaced Repetition & the Sales Funnel. We want multiple points of contact and each of these has a job to preform so we will need to Social Media and a website to accomplish everything we want to do.

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