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The Landing Page

The Landing Page is simply the page the website visiter enters on. It is often recommended that you build a separate landing page from your Home Page.

At first, one may be tempted to think that the Home page is the landing page. While that is often true, it is also true that the Home Page may be entirely inappropriate to the task at hand. Remember in the last lecture we said every page has a specific job?

The most common example of a landing page will be the page that is created to support an ad. For example: say you run an ad that offers a pirate T-shirt at fifty percent off. The ad features a call to action with a link to the website.

Landing Page Graphic

Now, you do not want this link to simply dump people onto the Home Page. We know that these visitors want pirate T-shirts at half price: that’s why they came. Let’s create a page just for them. This page should only be about the offer. Everything the visitor needs to complete the purchase should be right there. Everything!

Often these pages don’t even offer navigation to the rest of the site. They are single purpose and designed to give the visitor plenty of information so the decision can be made then and there. There will be a video and third party endorsements. Normally, there is also some lame reason why the offer simply must be cut off in a few hours. A count-down clock is included to build urgency. This style page will often run long and is referred to a squeeze page.

Not all landing pages are Squeeze Pages. Obviously, if this is a big ticket item it is not realistic to expect the visitor not to do due diligence. Give them a menu bar and let them see the site. There is a relationship between time on site and conversion rate.

The other side of this story is that you may not want regular visitors to the site to see this special offer. The Landing Page is often not included in the regular menu across the rest of the site.

As an aside, should someone who bought the widget yesterday at full price discover it today at half-price; don’t be a jerk! Apologize and quickly offer a cheerful refund for the difference. Turn the negative into a positive and if they are truly happy, ask them to leave a review of their experience. Keep a list of review sites you’re on near the phone.

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