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This will seem counter intuitive: the purpose of the Home Page is to get people off the Home Page! Yeah, you spent all that time, effort, and money to get people there and now you read this?

This lecture looks at several home pages and finds several constant threads that they all share. Please do not read this overview and skip the video. These common themes include:

  • Multiple links — normally dozens above the fold.
  • Text — A lot of text: Experts recommend not less than five-hundred words and sometimes as much as two-thousand.
  • Movement — Movement is often a Java Script graphic with a link
  • Video — There is a relationship between video and time on site
  • Citations — This is covered in it’s own video.
  • Privacy/Cookie Policy — This is covered in it’s own video.
  • Obvious Navigation — Get visitors further into the site asap.
  • Call to Action — What do you need them to do next?
Failure to include a polished version of each of these may result in reduced sales.

Much of the lecture is devoted to looking at available resources to check the above points. Once your page is complete, the job is not over and you must review the work to be sure the search engines can see and rank the page.

Briarwood Safari Home
Tourism Marketing Tips Home Page

This idea that a page has a specific mission extends to every page on your website. What is this page’s job? How will this fit into the Sales Funnel? If a page will not help the visitor make a positive purchasing decision, maybe it should go.

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