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By the way, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Knowing what the search engines expect to see and providing those needed materials is a must before a site will rank in search.

This video looks at several of the things you CAN do to help your site rank better in search.

The reality is that most of the videos on this site are about onsite SEO. For example, the lecture on Tags (3.14) is really there to help you with Onsite SEO. It will be necessary to watch all these videos before you can hope to understand this complex subject. It is important to note that you cannot become an SEO expert in the space of this video, or even this series. But you will know what is needed to continue your eduction at an even higher level. You’ll have a grasp of the subject, and be able to look at a website and know what is wrong and ask your web designer some pointed questions. To become an SEO practitioner takes time and hard work. I occasionally lose clients by being truthful.

One key concept of onsite SEO is to know that the search engines look at many, many factors when deciding how to rank. Google looks at over two-hundred. Each factor is given a numerical value and the site with the highest score ranks first.

When considered under this light, it becomes obvious that a careful review of the site will yield a number of little items that can be corrected. If these little things are worth only a point or two each, thirty of them will have a major impact in how your site scores. Now you know why we said earlier that it is necessary to watch many of these videos to get a handle on on site seo. By making numerous little fixes, we can raise our search ranking.

Website Design

This video gives you several resources you can use to inspect your website. For example: Google Developers has a tool you can use to see if Google thinks your website is mobile friendly. Great stuff! There're other websites for things like duplicate text and loading speed. There is no fluff here, this is all critical information.

Watch the video and visit each website mentioned. These resources will take you an entire evening to look through. It will be well worth the effort and may point out issues with your site that you didn’t know you had.

There are three videos with SEO in the title in this series and it you will note they are among the longest in the entire course. You will have lifetime access to this course, we sincerely hope you will avail yourself to these lectures in the future.

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