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Online Advertising Explained!

For our purposes, we define online advertising as things like AdWords or banners. Facebook post and tweets are not covered in this Tip.

There was a lecture in Section Two called Old School and in this video we said you need to keep an open mind. Don’t let fear stop you from trying new things. The same thing can be said now: you should dabble in some online advertising. One thing that happens is that an owner tries one thing, one time and declares an entire industry to be a bogus scam. Just because your first attempt at banner advertising doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that banner ads don’t work. It doesn’t even mean that banner ads don’t work for you. It only means that you didn't succeed on your first attempt. Be slow to pass judgement.

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Search ads are the most common in this category. The common experience with this category is that some ads work and some don’t. Unlike email, it’s not always obvious why something didn’t convert. For this reason, I, and several friends who also do consulting professionally, recommend that you hire someone who only does this exact form of advertising for a living. Not someone who builds websites and does this on the side but a real AdWords professional who only handles this form of advertising.

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The lecture video also shows where you can buy banners and even Tweets. Tweet ads are a good way to get more real customers to follow your channel. These ads can be bought on an account belonging to a tourism magazine, or perhaps a print publication of regional interest, like the Caribbean. This is a great way to be sure that your tourism based ads are targeted to people interested in your exact topic. It’s also very cheap; you can test the platform for just a few dollars.

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