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Email Marketing Basics

It’s no coincidence that a section on driving traffic has email as a featured lecture. Email has the highest ROI of any online marketing. The only thing with more power is Television but that is out of reach in terms of cost for most tourism based businesses.

You will also need a vendor in this business. Do not try to send emails yourself. You will find that services like Yahoo, Gmail and AOL will cut off your server. You say you don’t use AOL? No difference, anyone who uses that service will not be able to write you a note. It is also illegal to send spam (yes, you are a spammer!!!) and hardly cost anything to use a legitimate company.

Email Icon & Contact Book

The trick with email is to keep records. Record several facets for every last email:

  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Holiday
  • Subject Line
  • Open Rate
  • Click-through Rate
  • Description and Size of Image
  • Call to Action
  • How Often Forwarded
You will have to collect this information from your email service. By keeping careful records of what works and what doesn’t you will build a record that can be searched for patterns. Even a negative result is a result and you need to know.


By looking at one-hundred emails and getting the top and bottom ten results for each bullet point above you will begin to send letters that perform better. Your writing improves and soon your email campaign begins to become more effective.

You will use this information to inform your Facebook post. You will have a good idea of what will work on Twitter before you even bother sitting down at the computer.

Because there is so much competition using email today, the open & click-through rates are falling. For a tourism based business to succeed you will have to take a careful, even scientific approach. This is worth the effort. If you want to know more about this important issue, please contact us.

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