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This area of our website consist of a series of articles. Each lesson is just a few minutes long and is self contained.

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  • Spaced Repetition
    It’s how we learn. You are trying to tech your customers about the benefit of doing business with you.
  • Product Benefit
    If you can’t tell me why I should buy from you; why should I? Find your product benefit and find your company voice.
  • Sales Funnel
    This answers the “Why Facebook” question. We describe the Sales Funnel and show why you need one.
  • Credibility Statement
    In this article, we explain why you cannot close a sale without some form of a Credibility Statement.
  • Backlinks
    While Google uses about two hundred factors in deciding which website to present first, some are more important than others. This is the most important factor.
  • Compelling Text
    So much of online marketing seems outside your control. But this important aspect you marketing is very much something you control.
  • PoGo Sticking
    Search engines are now making website quality more important when deciding search results. But how do THEY define quality?
  • The Citation
    This is simple - just your name and address. But it’s so powerful when properly done that Citations alone can rank you website #1 in local search.
  • Colors in Marketing
    You may not give much thought to the choice of colors used on your website, logo, and brochures, but can have a huge impact on tourism marketing.
  • Death of SEO
    We know, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve your website in the search results. In certain categories of tourism marketing, this can be a complete waste.
  • Domain Name
    Often, the business owner will buy one before even contacting a marketing professional about building the site. We explain the process we go through when picking a domain name.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
    That’s a mouthful that sounds complex and hard to understand. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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