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This area of our website consist of a series of articles. Each lesson is just a few minutes long and is self contained.

  • Spaced Repitition
    It’s how we learn. You are trying to tech your customers about the benefit of doing business with you.
    Buyer Psychology,Social Media
  • Product Benefit
    If you can’t tell me why I should buy from you; why should I? Find your product benefit and find your company voice.
    Buyer Psychology
  • The Sales Funnel
    This answers the “Why Facebook” question. We describe the Sales Funnel and show why you need one.
    Sales Funnel,Social Media
  • Credibility Statement
    In this article, we explain why you cannot close a sale without some form of a Credibility Statement.
    Buyer Psychology,Website Design
  • My Title
    While Google uses about two hundred factors in deciding which website to present first, some are more important than others.
    Website Design,SEO
  • Compelling Text
    So much of online marketing seems outside your control. But this important aspect is very much something you control.
    Buyer Psychology,Website Design
  • PoGo Sticking
    Search engines are now making website quality more important when deciding search results. But how do THEY define quality?
    Website Design,SEO
  • The Citation
    This is simple - just your name and address. It’s so powerful when properly done that Citations can rank you website in local search.
    SEO,Social Media
  • Colors in Marketing
    Do you give much thought to the choice of colors used on your website, and brochures? They have an impact on your marketing.
    Buyer Psychology
  • The Death of SEO
    We know, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve your website in the search results. This can be a waste of time.
  • The Domain Name
    Often, the business owner will buy one before even contacting a marketing professional about building the site.
    Website Design,SEO
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
    That’s a mouthful that sounds complex and hard to understand. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Unique Selling Proposition
    This may be the single most powerful concept in marketing. What do you do better than anybody in your niche?
    Buyer Psychology
  • Traditional Media
    Don't discount the power of broadcast & newspaper advertising. Television has the highest ROI of any advertising.
    Traditional Media
  • Newspaper Advertising Graphic
    Newspaper ads are often overlooked because it's no longer chic. This may be a mistake because its efficient advertising.
    Traditional Media
  • Broadcast Advertising Graphic
    Yep, it cost money, old school - check, fewer people watching… yes. Why Television? It's the most effective advertising you can do!
    Traditional Media
  • Billboard Ads Graphic
    Most folks are doing online research before they leave home. Once the car pulls out of the driveway, billboards are very effective.
    Traditional Media
  • Need a Website Graphic
    If you already have Facebook & Twitter, why would you also need a website? Can a website provide any benefits to the sales process?
    Traditional Media,Social Media,Sales Funnel
  • Home Page Graphic
    The Home Page is the most important page on your website. Is yours up to the challenge? Not sure? You better watch this.
    Website Design
  • Landing Page Graphic
    What is a landing page and why would you need one? We answer these questions and look at several examples.
    Website Design
  • Sales Funnel Graphic
    Need to promote your website? Truth is that its impossible to do with free Social Media; your'e going to have to advertise.
    Sales Funnel
  • Email Marketing Graphic
    We strongly recommend you start an email campaign. Indeed, many companies make their living off just this method.
    Sales Funnel
  • About Us Graphic
    At first, The About Us page sounds like a waste of time. In fact it's a page buyers visit before making a purchase.
    Website Design,Buyer Psychology
  • Mobile Friendly Graphic
    Mobile has surpassed desktop in importance in the tourism space. Does Google think your site is smartphone friendly?
    Website Design
  • Hosting Graphic
    How hard is it to handle hosting yourself? What are the advantages to taking on the additional responsibility? We look at these issues and more in this tip.
    Website Design
  • On Site SEO Graphic
    On Site SEO covers many topics and you'll find articles on the subject in these pages. On Site SEO is about what you can on your website to help rankings.
  • Ad Blockers Graphic
    Ad Blocking software is starting to affect some major companies. It can also affect you. Make sure your ads get seen.
    Sales Funnel
  • Analytics Graphic
    Google has the most popular analytics suite made - and for good reason. We will show you the major features.
    Website Design,Sales Funnel
  • YouTube Graphic
    YouTube is a great way to reach new customers and we will show you how we create descriptions & settings that help you rank.
    Sales Funnel,Social Media

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